Our Yoga

Benefits of the Heat

Most of our classes are performed in a room heated to 105 degrees. Some of the benefits of the heat include:

  • enhances vasodilation so that more blood is delivered to the muscles
  • allows oxygen in the blood to detach from hemoglobin more easily
  • speeds up the breakdown of glucose and fatty acids
  • makes muscles more elastic, less susceptible to injury
  • improves coordination
  • reduces heart irregularities associated with sudden exercise
  • burns fat more easily
  • this list is from Smart Exercise by Covert Bailey

Bikram Yoga (90 Minutes)

This class is suitable for people of all levels.

Bikram Yoga is the original “hot yoga” practice and it is the heart and soul of our practice and business model. It is suitable for all levels of ability and can be practiced by anyone at any age and in any shape or condition*. The 90 minute class consists of 2 breathing exercises and 26 postures that cumulatively engage and benefit all of the bodies major muscle groups, joints, glands and organs. Bikram Yoga helps create equanimity in strength, balance and flexibility and it improves functionality and efficiency in all the bodies systems.

For 30 years Bikram Yoga has been growing in popularity and today is one of the most widely practiced yoga systems in the world. There’s a reason for that. The proof is in the practice.

Core 26 (60 Minutes)

(The name of this class is changing soon to Hot Fix)

This class is suitable for people of all levels.

Our Core 26 class is derived from and inspired by the Bikram Yoga sequence. It includes all of the same postures and breathing exercises but it moves faster and incorporates a “yoga flow” technique for some of the postures.

If you’re new to hot yoga there are some advantages to starting with the the classic Bikram Yoga 90 minute class, which moves at a slower pace and allows for some deeper stretching in those areas where you may be especially tight. On the other hand, if you’ve never tried Bikram Yoga because you’re intimidated by the heat, the shorter class may be a good way to try it out and see for yourself why hot yoga is so effective. A shorter class may also be a great way to avoid missing a class on those days when you’re busier than usual.

Master Core (90 Minutes)

Don’t let the name of this class intimidate you (we’re planning on re-naming it). This is an intermediate class suitable for anyone with a minimum 6 months Bikram Yoga experience (or equivalent) and no major injuries.

This posture sequence consists of the classic 26 Bikram Yoga postures (many of which are only done once) with some additional postures that work the upper body, arms and abs. We turn the heat down and the instruction is casual and friendly. There is less focus on concentration and discipline and more time for questions and individual attention. As with all of our classes participants are encouraged to participate according to their own level of ability and interest.

For now, Master Core classes are sporadically scheduled so we suggest you sign up to receive email notifications when a class is scheduled. It is usually offered on Friday mornings at 7:30 am and Saturdays at Noon.

* Always consult with a physician before practicing yoga with a medical condition or injury.